Butterfly Theatricals, LLC

Butterfly Theatricals, LLC provides services and houses theatrical properties by award-winning artist Lee Summers while protecting the interests of his collaborators. Under Butterfly, Summers creates new works, can be engaged for producing, presenting and collaboration, and/or be engaged by a commission.

Summers is a noted stage director, and/or can provide dramaturgical and/or consultation services. Housed under Butterfly Theatricals, there are also music publishing and theatrical licensing divisions.

Our catalog of new musicals celebrates diversity, equity and inclusion.

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  1. Mike Johnson says:

    Time is permitting me to catch up with my longtime friend Lee!!! Just sharing that I love this site! Your vision and dream were so very clear early, and I was there as a witness! So proud to see you and catch on on it’s continuation to Broadway! So very thankful and proud to be here to see all this come to fruition…and be inspired to stay on the path of mine own dreams and vision! Love you Brother…stay thy path+

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