PANGAEA ARTBook and Lyrics by Lee Summers, Music by Janet Noh

Story by Noh and Summers

An unlikely pairing for their graduate school thesis is on a quest to create: Pangaea the Musical, the story of the once super-continent, after she is divided into the seven we know today. As Europe, North America, Australia, Antarctica, South America, Asia and Africa all come to life, re-imagined and personified as unique siblings on a quest to save the world, the writers and their classmates explore, in Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Classical, Hip Hop and Soul, “Can a divided world be reconnected?”Pangaea Bignham

Summers and Noh were winner’s of the 2018 Bingham Camp Theatre Retreat and Workshop. Pictured: Pangaea Cast.

Book and Lyrics by Lee Summers, Music by Janet Noh.

Story by Noh and Summers

Songs Samples


“Pangaea: The Musical”

(Click on song titles to hear demos)

“Waters of Life”

“Waters of Life” (Soundcloud)

Performed by Janet Noh

“Spotlight” (Soundcloud)


Performed by Eric Coles

“Jurassic Duty”

Performed by  Marc De La Cruz, Catherine Gloria, Cedric Leiba Jr., Clifton Oliver, Justine Rosales, Robert Toms & Famecia Ward

“Sweat Shop”

Performed by Cedric Leiba Jr., Justine Rosales & Famecia Ward


Performed by Clifton Oliver and Famecia Ward


Bingham Camp Theatre Retreat to Develop New Musical PANGAEA

Click here for:

Pangaea Licensing Sheet

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